Der Kinderficker-Prinz ist Mohammed bin Salman.

Mohammed bin Salman (M.B.S.) war befreundet mit dem international wohl meistbekannten Kinderficker — Jeffrey Epstein — einem Vergewaltiger von über 1.000 minderjährigen Opfern.

Quellen für die Freundschaft:


Saudi Arabien ist ein Terrorstaat. Der Kinderficker-Prinz ist maßgeblich für die brutale Schlachtung des Regimekritikers Jamal Khashoggi verantwortlich.

Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach ist Prinz Mohammed bin Salman selbst ein Kinderficker — er muss weg.

Wir alle wissen, Saudi Arabien finanziert amphetamin-getriebene IS-Krieger in Syrien, durch die Flüchtlinge zu uns nach Europa kommen.

Unsere neue deutsche Außenpolitik sollte an oberster Stelle die Befreiung von Saudi Arabien zum Ziel haben.

Wir müssen verantwortlich handeln und Saudi Arabien von den Kinderficker-Herrschern befreien.

Wie jeder weiß, gibt es in Saudi Arabien Sklaven — viele davon sind Sex-Sklaven.

Es ist Zeit den Kinderficker-Prinz zu kastrieren und zu foltern.

Der Kinderficker-Prinz muss weg.

We should do a revolutionary re-do of the Game of Throne finale.

We want a communist re-do in which the revolution of the dragons wins.

Let us organise this on a crowd funding platform.

842 million people, or about one in eight (12.5%) people in the world population are suffering from undernourishment. (FAO link)

Roughly 25,000 people die every day due to starvation. (UN link)

Failure to assist a person in danger, manslaughter, murder and ultimately mass murder simply for private profit is what I attest global food executives.

Just to own the newest Porsche, the new loft, the new escort and the next cocaine kick these global food executives murder on a daily basis.

They are highly educated, intelligent, and ruthless.

They are motivated by base motives.

That is the reason why we… is true Christianity. Jesus didn’t charge for his services.

We want to do the same: sharing is caring–communism is coming®. will be a VPN (a virtual private network) to circumvent any governmental censorship of the internet.

We will use it to live our religion to the fullest–sharing of digital information without fear of prosecution.

Jesus was a communist–join us at

I just wonder what it is that Opus Dei tells / shows its followers.

Do they tell them they live forever if they follow Opus Dei?

Do they tell them they go to hell if they don’t follow Opus Dei?

Whatever it is, I believe it’s fraud!

They most likely use some form of hypnosis to convince people that supranatural things exist.

If you follow Opus Dei, sit tight and ask yourself: Is is possible that they fooled you?

We need to reform our intelligence community in a way that the population can trust the intelligence service 100% as it becomes more of an open source intelligence service publishing it’s findings for everyone to see and research.

The combination of Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), also known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), with substances known as entactogens such as MDMA and others, seems to be a plausible strategy to cure psychopaths.

If mind control technology is based on radio frequencies, it is fair to assume that audio devices such as speakers are capable to send mind control rays.

Therefore, we need to assume that everybody is already mind controlled through standard mass market audio hardware such as laptops, speakers, TVs, and other electronic devices.

We should institutionalize the four golden rules of mind control through a blockchain solution on all of these devices on earth as well as on the satellites in outer space.

These golden rules of mind control are:

  1. Nobody can kill another person
  2. We must help each other
  3. We mustn’t harm each other
  4. We must be willing to support each other

We need to bring love to everybody — let’s build a culture of love transcending the darkness. Experience can heal you.

Love is the strongest force in the universe. We need to institutionalize love experiences to overcome trauma, narcissism, and psychopathy.

MDMA and other substances together with electronic music can be a cure.

Let’s combine existing and potentially new entactogens together (such as Phenethylamines and Typtamines) to create the perfect Love Cocktail to transform egoists to altruists.


Carl Philipp Trump

Entrepreneur and “Gutmensch” tackling the Church’s wealth to channel it into startup technology, fighting climate change, and helping the disadvantaged.

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