The entire staff of the NSO company has engaged in criminal activity around the world potentially killing activists and other professions through their spying on electronic communication.

I have asked the Israeli embassy in Munich, Germany to let me know how exactly to fill a criminal report in Israel to allow an arrest of these criminals.

Familiarise yourself with the latest Amnesty International report:

We need to sue these criminals including the evil capitalists funding these activist-hacking criminals such as Novalpina Capital and Francisco Partners.

Please support this!

Der Verfassungsschutz ist einfach korrupt:

  1. In Deutschland kann der Verfassungsschutz jegliche Kommunikation abhören.

Wie kann es sein, dass es zum Beispiel verstümmelte Rumänen auf deutschen Straßen gibt, die zum Betteln von Mafia-Strukturen gezwungen werden, wenn doch alles so schön flächendeckend überwacht wird?

Wieso wird der Boss dieser Banden nicht einfach festgenommen?

Man fragt sich schon, ob der Verfassungsschutz einfach komplett korrupt ist.

Ich sage die Antwort kann technisch gesehen nur Korruption sein.

Und ich liefere die Antwort, wer konkret verantwortlich ist auch gleich mit:

Norbert Baron van Handel in Österreich ist Mafia:

Given the fact that multiple intelligence services watch and record everything that happens on this planet — how is it even possible that crime exists?

The answer is simple: Corruption.

Let’s fight corruption.

We are in the middle of a war: Evil vs. Good.

Capitalism is still around but communism is coming.

Fight for the right side!

There are two sides of the situation:

  1. On the right-wing side (evil): CIA, Catholic Church’s Opus Dei Holy Mafia, and NATO’s secret armies.
  2. On the left-wing side (good): NSA, Catholic Church’s Jesuits, and the armies of China and Russia.


Bill Gates was a monopolist sometimes referred to as a “robber-barron” maximising his private profit.

Then in the late 2000s he realized that he had to change this narrative and improve his public image by becoming a “philantropist”.

So he founded the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” (BMGF).

This very foundation is labelled a philantropic foundation while in fact it invests heaviliy in private companies maximising private profits.

For instance, instead of providing a patent-free vaccine Bill Gates lobbied heavily to keep the vaccines patented so that he could personally benefit from Covid-19.

In fact, Bill Gates worked together with…

I am about to found the German and later worldwide political party called “Gutmenschen.Party” — its goal is to bring communism to the world.

To be outspoken about my situation, I am diagnosed with “cathatonic schizophrenia” — meaning I believe in things other people might currently not: Things like telepathy, magic/magick, and “remote mind control“.

Yet, familiarise yourself with intelligence community work, and let me convince you that these things exist. I certainly see myself doing intelligence work bringing communism to the world. All the best for you and your loved ones. Take care. Love.

Intelligence agencies use individuals as “intelligence assets” in order to engage in society and push certain agendas and narratives.

Brainwashing is often used to make someone do things he or she would not normally do — things like becoming a terrorist: Killing many innocent human beings.

Daniele Ganser — who was a political scientist at the Swiss University of St. …

I just found out that Ian Robert Maxwell incorporated the Panamanian company called “JETFERRY INTERNATIONAL, S.A.” on 19 March 1981.

See these sources:


Panama was a tax haven at the time and a place to hide illicit money.

The question is what did this company?

It was dissolved only on 28 March 2020.

It is unclear if “Ian Robert Maxwell” refers to the father or the son of the corrupt Israeli / US deep-state family.

The other director was William James Bailhache — a Jersey lawyer who was Bailiff of Jersey from 29 January 2015–2019. Prior to that…

Ghislaine Maxwell is an infamous child-sex-trafficker who worked together with Jeffrey Epstein to blackmail many influencial people with videomaterial showing them having child-sex.

What most people do not know is that the entire Maxwell family is part of a corrupt deep-state of the US and Israel.

Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell was known as “Israel’s superspy” — he, for instance, sold bugged surveillance software to the Soviet Union called “PROMIS”.

Her two brothers — Kevin Maxwell and Ian Maxwell — worked both closely together with the corrupt father to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the workers’ pension funds.


Jeffrey Epstein was a criminal — why would he ever meet Pope John Paul II other than for “business” aka sexual abuse purposes?

Certainly Epstein was not Catholic — so meeting the Pope was not relevant for religious reasons at least.

However, meeting the Pope was so relevant for Epstein that he had photos of their meeting both:

  1. on the “Pedophile Island” inside the temple above the piano and also
  2. in his Palm Beach house next to photos of underage girls.

Given the fact that all prominent people displayed in Epstein’s residencies (Epstein “had a photo of the Saudi crown…

Carl Philipp Trump

Entrepreneur and “Gutmensch” tackling the Church’s wealth to channel it into startup technology, fighting climate change, and helping the disadvantaged.

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