Torture for Global Food Executives

842 million people, or about one in eight (12.5%) people in the world population are suffering from undernourishment. (FAO link)

Roughly 25,000 people die every day due to starvation. (UN link)

Failure to assist a person in danger, manslaughter, murder and ultimately mass murder simply for private profit is what I attest global food executives.

Just to own the newest Porsche, the new loft, the new escort and the next cocaine kick these global food executives murder on a daily basis.

They are highly educated, intelligent, and ruthless.

They are motivated by base motives.

That is the reason why we should punish the global food executives for their crimes in historical proportions.

As the founder and director of the German Gutmenschen organisation I am advocating for a reform of the law: We should punish mass murders with the highest possible punishment — torture.

The global food executives have used their intelligence and education to enrich them self and mass murdering millions of innocent people.

So we should castrate the mass murderers publicly, amputate their arms and legs, cut out their eyes, place them next to a main street so that everyone can see them and then bring them in special torture dungeons where they will get raped and tortured with 10-times the suffering of the innocent victims.

It is time to act to prevent the death of 25,000 innocent people daily.

In proportion the entire population of Berlin — the capital of Germany—dies out every 150 days just for the private profit interest of the global food executives.

Time for change.


Entrepreneur and “Gutmensch” tackling the Church’s wealth to channel it into startup technology, fighting climate change, and helping the disadvantaged.