Ghislaine Maxwell’s family is corrupt Deep-State of the US and Israel

Ghislaine Maxwell is an infamous child-sex-trafficker who worked together with Jeffrey Epstein to blackmail many influencial people with videomaterial showing them having child-sex.

What most people do not know is that the entire Maxwell family is part of a corrupt deep-state of the US and Israel.

Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell was known as “Israel’s superspy” — he, for instance, sold bugged surveillance software to the Soviet Union called “PROMIS”.

Her two brothers — Kevin Maxwell and Ian Maxwell — worked both closely together with the corrupt father to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the workers’ pension funds.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s twin sisters both worked in highly sensitive security and intelligence work related businesses that allow searching through large collected data sets used for mass surveillance:

  1. Christine Maxwell (sister)
  2. Isabel Maxwell (sister)

Both Christine and Isabel Maxwell launched together an early seach engine called “Magellan” (later called “Excite”).

Christine then co-founded a surveillance company called “Chiliad” — again a product to search through large data-sets. Chiliad’s software was behind the data search technology used by the FBI’s counterterrorism data warehouse.

Isabel then was CEO of the Israeli e-mail surveillance company called “Commtouch” (later called “CYREN”) spying, for example, on all Microsoft services.

It is highly unlikely given the nature of search and mass surveillance technology access that the two Maxwell sisters have for a long time that they were unaware of the evil activities her sister Ghislaine and Epstein were up to.

In short, the entire Maxwell family is obviously working as corrupt intelligence agents to enrich themselves and to support other evil elements in the US and Israel.

The Maxwell family stands out as obviously corrupt–involved in mass surveillance–for engaging in child-sex-trafficking and blackmailing activities, and, therefore, has to be prosecuted and punished accordingly to send the right signal.

As I generally see torture as a relevant means to acquire information from evil elements who are not cooperative we should torture Ghislaine Maxwell regarding all the other criminals involved in their child-sex scheme. We want to see the release of all available video evidence (censored if necessary) of who exactly was involved in the business of the Epstein-Maxwell-conspiracy.

We should also take into account that both sisters–Christine and Isabel Maxwell–are most likely co-conspirators in the child-sex-trafficking family business and treat them accordingly.

We need to engage against the corrupt elements of the intelligence community: Question all the Maxwell family members — even torture them if necessary.