Ian Robert Maxwell’s Panamanian company

I just found out that Ian Robert Maxwell incorporated the Panamanian company called “JETFERRY INTERNATIONAL, S.A.” on 19 March 1981.

See these sources:

  1. https://opencorporates.com/companies/pa/68819
  2. https://ohuiginn.net/panama/company/id/68819

Panama was a tax haven at the time and a place to hide illicit money.

The question is what did this company?

It was dissolved only on 28 March 2020.

It is unclear if “Ian Robert Maxwell” refers to the father or the son of the corrupt Israeli / US deep-state family.

The other director was William James Bailhache — a Jersey lawyer who was Bailiff of Jersey from 29 January 2015–2019. Prior to that he was “Her Majesty’s Attorney General in Jersey for almost 10 years”. He was made Knight Bachelor in 2017.

I have asked William what the purpose of that company was for Ian Robert Maxwell and what William’s role was in that particular company via e-mail (bailiffofjersey@gov.je) — we will see if and what exactly he will respond.

Potentially JETFERRY INTERNATIONAL, S.A was used to hide stolen pension fund money that took place in about 1991 or to prepare the transfer of wealth to the child-sex-trafficker and blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein who Ghislaine Maxwell met in 1988 or so — the company’s name sounds similar at least.

We have to find out.

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