Jeffrey Epstein met Pope John Paul II — why would the two meet?

Jeffrey Epstein was a criminal — why would he ever meet Pope John Paul II other than for “business” aka sexual abuse purposes?

Certainly Epstein was not Catholic — so meeting the Pope was not relevant for religious reasons at least.

However, meeting the Pope was so relevant for Epstein that he had photos of their meeting both:

  1. on the “Pedophile Island” inside the temple above the piano and also
  2. in his Palm Beach house next to photos of underage girls.

Given the fact that all prominent people displayed in Epstein’s residencies (Epstein “had a photo of the Saudi crown prince, MBS on the wall, and photos of Bill Gates and all the VIPS who flocked to his salons”) are somewhat involved in the abuse of underage children we should also assume that Epstein was involved in some type of criminal activity together with Pope John Paul II.

Interestingly, Pope John Paul II was certainly aware of ongoing sexual abuse for many years in case of Theodore McCarrick without taking any actions against him (link).

Furthermore, Pope John Paul II also awarded knighthood to the pederast Jimmy Savile (link).

Apparently the anti-communist Pope John Paul II was working together with criminal pederast networks including people like Jeffrey Epstein — why else would the two meet and why else would Epstein see any relevance in meeting the Pope and placing the Pope photo inside his temple?