Bill Gates is not a “philantrophist” but just an unempathatic capitalist maximising his private profits

Bill Gates was a monopolist sometimes referred to as a “robber-barron” maximising his private profit.

Then in the late 2000s he realized that he had to change this narrative and improve his public image by becoming a “philantropist”.

So he founded the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” (BMGF).

This very foundation is labelled a philantropic foundation while in fact it invests heaviliy in private companies maximising private profits.

For instance, instead of providing a patent-free vaccine Bill Gates lobbied heavily to keep the vaccines patented so that he could personally benefit from Covid-19.

In fact, Bill Gates worked together with the child-sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein — he then downplayed his friendship with the known-pederast but effectively Bill Gates even flew with the infamous “Lolita Express” plane where some passengers had sex with minors on board. Of course, Bill Gates owns his own private aircraft — so again, its most likely the case that Bill was having child-sex on board — why else would Bill use that notorious aircraft when he owns his own private jet?

We should consider Bill Gates as part of the problem, certainly not part of the solution. He is labelling himself as a “philantropist” while in fact he heavily organises to defend late-capitalism. Instead of providing a democratic patent-free solution to the world he defends the interests of the 1% or even 0.1% of the business owners. That is highly problematic: Maybe it is time to consider Bill Gates a fascist.

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