Anders Behring Breivik was either a brainwashed NATO secret army asset or just “crazy” without being an intelligence asset — what is more likely?

Intelligence agencies use individuals as “intelligence assets” in order to engage in society and push certain agendas and narratives.

Brainwashing is often used to make someone do things he or she would not normally do — things like becoming a terrorist: Killing many innocent human beings.

Daniele Ganser — who was a political scientist at the Swiss University of St. Gallen — has researched the existence of secret armies of NATO — the Western anti-communist military alliance representing the private for-profit interests of a few hundred families of unempathatic capitalists (owners of businesses) mainly in the US, Israel, and the EU.

Think for yourself:

Either a terrorist is just “crazy” acting alone when committing brutal acts or he or she was brainwashed — meaning systematically manipulated by evil social forces such as corrupt parts of the intelligence community using newest “remote mind control” to introduce certain “ideas” into an intelligence asset — for instance via radio wave submission.

Right-wing bullshit such as white people being some way “superior” than other races is more likely a carefully constructed narrative by experts of brainwashing than just a “crazy” guy coming up with hundreds of pages of pure nonsense.

I think Anders Behring Breivik is more likely an asset of corrupt right-wing extremist parts of the intelligence community such as NATO secret-stay behind groups, the Catholic “Holy Mafia” secret society Opus Dei, and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) than just someone who went “crazy” for no reason.

Look at right-wing military-style organisations such as “Order of the Holy Sepulchre” of the Catholic Church and more specifically at individuals such as “Mr. Michael Frank Feldkamp” who coordinates them:

Looking at Anders Behring Breivik’s history of abuse in his family it seems very likely that he was built up as an extremist right-wing NATO asset since childhood.

Thousands of child-raping and systematically torturing Catholic priests exist. Corrupt child-sex-trafficking circles such as the Israeli/US intelligence agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell exist. Rich rapists such as Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew walk free — what is this other than a factual conspiracy of corrupt capitalists working together to terrorise the population to mantain capitalism which is just not in the interests of 99% of the population.

It is time to address the issue of violence by evil capitalist social forces and fight for communism.

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